The Magicians Nephew

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The Magician's Nephew

May 1, 2007


Is it really possible to visit other worlds? Diggory's uncle made it possible! Polly was tricked into taking a ring taking you to the woods between worlds. While Diggory is all upset about his dear friend Polly, she is stuck in the wood between worlds waiting for him. They enter other worlds by jumping into pools of water, but one day they fall into the wrong one. They witness a creating of a world, but can you guess which one it is? Being the first book in the series, Polly and Diggory are there for the creating of Narnia. As the beggining may be boring, wait until you yourself witness the amazing worlds hidden in the woods connecting ours to others!





The Magician's Nephew

May 2, 2007


When Digory met Polly, they weren't the best of all friends. After a while, though, they got along well. Polly showed digory a secret passage through the houses on the block. Unfortunately, they had miscalculations, and they ended up in Digory's Uncle's study. His uncle caught them just in time so they couldn't escape. Digory's uncle offered Polly a special yellow ring from a pan. The second Polly touched the ring, she disappeared! Digory knew his selfish and wicked uncle set up a trap. The only way to get back was to touch the green ring, and his uncle wasn't brave enough to go his self. Digory touched the yellow ring (with the green rings in his pocket) and goes off to find Polly in the wood between the worlds. The Magician's Nephew is a great book and I strongly suggest that you read it. It has adventure and wonders that keep you going, even though the start is slow. The Magician's Nephew is an excellent book!








The Magician's Nephew

May 7, 2007


After a young boy and girl, Polly and Digory met, they set off on a thrilling adventure. They find a way into a magical world that was created before their eyes. They reawakened an evil witch by accident. They brought the witch to our world, and, as big as she was, scared the whole town out of their witts. She was soon banned from the land by an apple of life, the same apple that saved Digory's mother's sick life from death. How did Polly and Digory accomplish such a catching tale? The book only has that information.






The Magicain's Nephew

May 8 ,2007


A boy and a girl are setting of through the rafters of the houses and are heading for the desserted house when they go through the wrong door. There they are found in the boys house in a room they are not supposed to be in. The boys crazy uncle was in that room. there he offers the girl one of the three beautiful rings that was set on the table, but right as  the girl touches the ring she disappears. Where has she gone? Will she ever come back? What will the uncle do next? I asuredly can not tell you, you must read it yourself and satisfy your hunger to figure out what does come next.









The Magician's Nephew

May 16, 2007



Polly and Digory wander off into Digory's evil,

old Uncle Andrew's den while he is working on

his magic rings and Polly touches one and vanishes.

Digory is confused, and touches one himself to rescue

his friend, and the adventure begins.

A giant tree, a bunch of pools; what do they do?

They find another world with a golden bell, an evil witch, and a disaster...

Find yourself with your nose stuck in this book, and you'll like it.